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When I try to write in terminal in devnagari script, the vowels are shown separated from consonants (unlike how it is written).

The same is the case when I open a file containing devnagari characters in vim in terminal.

Is there a way to get these characters printed properly?

Best Answer

  • This problem is fixed in Ubuntu 19.04 and above

    The gnome-terminal 3.32 supports Devanagari and other Indian fonts rendering.

    Old Answer

    You may be out of luck. Even though Devnagari (Hindi, etc.) script works well in most text input areas like gedit, browsers, and word processors, it looks like complex indic scripts like Devnagari are not supported in the default gnome terminal. However, some people were working on Devanagari support on GNOME Terminal and the results are available here.

    I have no idea how this tweaked version of gnome terminal will fit into Ubuntu. As usual use caution when installing programs, apps and codes from unknown sources.

    Another option is to install fbterm from Ubuntu Software Center. See the comments section of How can I get colors in TTY working correctly? for how to make it work.

    Hope this helps

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