Ubuntu – Differences between Upstart and Systemd


I have read several news sites about Systemd and how better it is but I have not yet seen one that actually compares Upstart with Systemd. Actually, I haven't even seen one that talks about the benefits of Upstart. So a point to point about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of SystemD and Upstart would help.

Right now, all I know is that Upstart was developed in Canonical and was ported to other Distros. That is all.

Best Answer

  • I cannot give your full details, but can point you at some sites that should allow you to build up your own view at least of Upstart...

    Upstart has been used by Ubuntu for some 6 years now (since Jaunty (6.10)). It's therefore proven itself on both the desktop and in complex environments on Ubuntu Server (and now Cloud!). To learn more about Upstart, take a look at the Upstart Cookbook:

    Of particular interest to you will be:

    Upstart was written for performance and reliability from the outset. It is also revolutionary compared to all other init systems available today: