Ubuntu – Disable lock screen after screensaver


I just wiped 16.10 and installed 19.10, and turned off all screen-lock features as this is my personal desktop pc; there's nobody to lock out. The machine is always on but turns the screen off after 5 minutes. When I wake the screen, there is a lock screen thatonly goes away with a mouse trag or the ESC key.

–> How do I get rid of this screen?? I want to wake the screen and see my screen.

Best Answer

Remove Shield is a great extension for this.

For shell extensions to work, you need to install Gnome shell extensions: sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions chrome-gnome-shell, log out, and log in again. Then visit the extension webpage and click the slider to "on".

(Once you have that shell extension, check out the large library of further extensions.)

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I have installed this in freshly Installed Ubuntu 19.10 and tested.

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