Ubuntu – Do I lose LTS support if I upgrade to a non-LTS release


I have been using Ubuntu since 8.04 as my primary OS and every six months I upgrade to the latest distribuition release. I am currently using 12.04 LTS.

Thinking ahead, if I upgrade to 12.10 or any other future release, do I lose the Long-Term support (LTS)?

This may be a stupid question as I found part of my answer in this link .

Best Answer


Once you upgrade to 12.10, you will no longer be running 12.04, and no longer running an LTS release.

The purpose of the LTS releases if for those who don't necessarily need the absolute most up-to-date packages, and would rather not upgrade every 6 months, but still get critical security updates and bug fixes for longer than the 18 months of support given to a standard (non-LTS) release.

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