Ubuntu – Do some shortcuts no longer work when using an alternate keyboard layout


I have recently switched to the Colemak keyboard layout and the Ctrl+Alt+L key combination no longer locks the screen. I have checked the keyboard shortcuts menu and it is still set correctly.

I have also tried locking the screen using this combination in Dvorak, and the problem persists. Changing back to Qwerty restores the functionality, and although switching back is simple to do (another shortcut) it would be nice to be able to do this with Colemak.

There are other shortcuts that have also stopped working, so the problem is not specific to the lock shortcut:

  • Ctrl+D in terminal doesn't close the terminal.
  • My custom shortcut, Super+T won't open the terminal.

Running Ubuntu 10.04.


This question has a similar problem: Terminal Shortcut Key not respecting keyboard layout

Edit 2

Turns out this is a known bug: Why don't shortcut keys change when keyboard layout changes?

Best Answer

it doesn't work because the keyboard layout is different, i mean where the keys are virtually so check the keyboard layout in the OS or change the language that it's in... i hope this was helpful