Ubuntu – Does booting Ubuntu in Samsung laptop brick them? How to know without taking risk of the laptops


I've got 2 Samsung laptops (Samsung NP550P5C-S01IN & Samsung NP350V5C-S06IN)

I've read it recently that booting Linux in Samsung laptops bricked them permanently.

I wish to install Ubuntu on both of these but I want to know if I can install Ubuntu in any one of them without bricking them permanently. Is there any way through which I can verify if these can boot Ubuntu safely since both of them have that Secure BOOT thing on them.

Please help.

Best Answer

  • That article is talking about Windows 8 laptops, which neither of your laptops are.

    Also, neither of your laptops are listed among the models containing the bug.

    From the article, I don't see any reason to assume the bug would affect your laptops.