Ubuntu – Does ClamAV Scan Windows virus


I'm new to Ubuntu.

I'm now setting up an OwnCloud server which supports ClamAV file scan.

Since most of the users connected to the server uses Windows OS, can ClamAV scan for Windows virus?

I also did some research that such as BitDefender. It clams that it scans real time, if someone upload files to the server, will BitDefender scan the file even OwnCloud doesn't support?

By the way, I heard that if I update the system frequently, I don't have to install any antivirus that scan for Linux virus. Is that right?

Best Answer

  • Although rare, Linux malware & viruses do exist. The strict layered structure of Linux makes it however less vulnarable, but not immune. It can also not be excluded that you make a mistake, and authorize a malicious piece of software to do harmfull things.

    In practice however, you will mainly use a virusscanner to protect your Windows partners. ClamAV does scan for Windows viruses as well.