Ubuntu – Why does removing Firefox install another browser


I want to remove Firefox (with sudo apt-get purge firefox*) but without installing the Epiphany browser. How can I do this?

I want to remove Firefox because I want to use Google Chrome as my default and only web browser.

Best Answer

  • If uninstalling firefox installs epiphany, then that's because some other package depends on "a web browser", which packages do by depending on the virtual package www-browser. If the google-chrome package doesn't have a Provides: www-browser line, and you have no other browser installed, APT thinks it needs to install a package that does provide a www-browser and then Epiphany is the first choice on a GNOME system.

    I downloaded one of the Google Chrome .deb files and I can confirm that they don't provide www-browser. If you want to get this fixed you need to file a bug report with Google and tell them to fix their .deb packages.