Ubuntu – Why Does Software Updater Say No updates Available, but apt-get upgrade Shows updates available


I normally use Software Updater to keep the system updated. However I occasionally will run apt-get upgrade from the terminal and I've notice there are times when Software Updater says there are no available updates but apt-get update shows some updates to packages.

I haven't been able to figure out why.

Best Answer

StableReleaseUpdates will no longer appear in update-manager at the same time for all machines. Instead a subset of machines will be selected at random to receive the update first. The update will only be made available to everyone if there are no serious regressions encountered by the first set of users. There is still a testing process completed by Ubuntu developers before any users receive the update.

Source: PhasedUpdates and Brian’s Blog.

If you update via the terminal, you bypass the phased update system and will get all updates as soon as they're released. Read the comments in Brian's Blog for how to opt out of phased updates if you wish.