Ubuntu – Does the CPU only primarily use one core


It loads 100% from one of the CPUs at a time. Is that on purpose? Shouldn't it try to do 25/25/25/25?

It's an Intel i5-3320M – 2,60GHz x 4

My friend on a win10 is load-balancing 'correct' loading the same file. (it's an insanely huge .osm that we're parsing in IntelliJ)

Image of my System monitor

Best Answer

  • 4 × 0.25 is the same as 1.

    It looks like a single-threaded task is scheduled to run on multiple CPUs in a round-robin manner, which is what Windows does to distribute computational and therefore electrical and thermal load between different chip areas to improve heat dissipation. This has nothing to do with multi-threading and is just an artefact of the different scheduling strategies of Windows and Linux.