Ubuntu – Why does Visual Studio Code work slow in Ubuntu


I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
I used to use Visual Studio Code for my projects but the problem is that it is very slow.
It hooks or locks, I do not know how to put it so that they understand me, because I use the translator and I do not know what will be better.
The fact is that it is very bad, both in this version and in 16.04.
I also have it in Windows and it works perfectly.
Sometimes it crashes, blocking all processes and denying access to the computer.
Does that have something to do with Ubuntu, should I optimize it in any way?
If you give me some idea, well, as I said, I got used to Visual Studio and I tried Sublime text-3 which is much better, but I should get used to it and I do not like it very much.
Forgive the syntax, I must use the translator.
Thank you.

Best Answer

  • in the case that you still having this issue check out this:

    Changing how the terminal is rendered

    By default, the integrated terminal will render using multiple elements which is better tuned than the DOM for rendering interactive text that changes often. However, Electron/Chromium are slower rendering to canvas on some environment and so VS Code also provides a fallback DOM-renderer experience. VS Code will try to detect slow performance and give you the option to change via a notification.

    You can also change the rendering directly by setting terminal.integrated.renderer

    Type in your user or workspace settings.( On Windows/Linux - File > Preferences > Settings)


    "terminal.integrated.rendererType": "dom"


    Something else that might improve performance is to ignore Chromium's GPU blacklist by launching VS Code with code --ignore-gpu-blacklist.


    It worked for me, not like a real terminal but better than nothing, I hope this helps!

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