Ubuntu – Drawer or other organisation for hundreds of scripts in Unity Launcher


I have a large number of .sh scripts for opening ssh connections to various remote machines. These .sh scripts are grouped by staging/test/production/etc

In Gnome I had a series of entries in the Places menu, one for each type of system:

+ Staging
|       +Machine 1
|       +Machine 2
|       +Machine 3
|       +Machine 4
|       +Machine 5

What are my options for having this kind of layout in the Unity launcher? I suppose I'm really looking for a drawer or similar that I can mouse over to find the correct script.

If I had only a few scripts I could just pin them to the launcher one by one, but I've got about 200!

Perhaps there is a Lens for doing this?

Best Answer

  • You could use the ssh launcher to have a quicklist with all your machines. See What Custom Launchers and Unity Quicklists are available? .