Ubuntu – Driver for a zebra GK420d label printer


Hi everyone plz can someone help me i am looking for the Ubuntu 16.04 printer driver for a zebra GK420g label printer. I have been looking for driver for about 3 monts and i cant find it

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  • Zebra does not provide a driver for use on Linux/Unix or Mac OS X operating systems but instead suggests the use of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) driver.

    Currently the CUPS printer driver supports all Zebra based ZPL, EPL1, EPL2, and CPCL printers. Kiosk (KPL language) support is expected in the 1.6 version of CUPS.

    They do provide extensive documentation on configuring printers using CUPS.

    To Install or Add a Zebra Printer

    Using Safari for MAC or Mozilla for Linux OS’s enter either http://localhost:631/ or to access the CUPS driver.

    On the MAC OS and some Linux versions it is built-in directly. The following examples are all based on the 1.4.2 version of the CUPS driver which requires installation of the Snow Leopard MAC OS. The CUPS contributors made significant changes to the 1.4.# interface compared to previous 1.3.# versions. Zebra was present in 1.3.# versions and once you get to the Zebra printer setup the options are basically the same.

    From the Home screen select Adding Printers and Classes

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