Ubuntu – Dropbox Special Window Doesn’t Appear


There is a special type of window that can be summoned by right clicking on the dropbox icon in the taskbar, and clicking open dropbox folder. This window appeared a more whitish color against my dark breeze desktop theme, and allowed sharing files, and copying links to files straight from my desktop. But lately, after I did a fresh reinstall of Kubuntu, and thus Dropbox, whenever I do this procedure, I only get a fresh copy of dolphin, with no sharing options available (Normally there is a dropbox tab on the right click dropdown menu for sharing files). Is there any way to fix this?

Best Answer

  • Install dolphin-plugins using apt-get or whatever.

    Close all open instances of Dolphin, open Dolphin, click on Control, Configure Dolphin, Services, and activate the Dropbox service.

    Again close Dolphin and restart it. You'll see an additional option Move to Dropbox.

    If you right-click on the Dropbox icon in your panel, and click on Open Dropbox Folder, you'll see various Dropbox-associated options (boxed in a blue rectangle) in the image below:

    Dropbox integration in Dolphin

    Please note that all this is with Kubuntu 16.04 with the kubuntu-backports ppa enabled. Things may be different with other Kubuntu versions.

    Edit: while you're in the Services tab of Dolphin, you'll see a Download New Services ... link. If you click on that and sort by rating, there's a Dropbox service having the second highest rating. However, I won't be trying it.

    Dropbox Service Menu

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