Ubuntu – Dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows on separate disk


I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my computer on an SSD, separate from the 2 disks I already have with Windows 10.

However, when I go to install Ubuntu it doesn't recognize Windows 10 being there. I am using rufus to create the flashdrive and have tried it with both MBR and GPT, and I don't have secure or fast boot on. I am unsure how to get Ubuntu to detect Windows, but when I go through the installation process, I can select to install Ubuntu on the specific SSD I want it on. This (in my mind) solves my problem but I am not confident enough in my knowledge to go through with it or be sure that it wont cause a problem later.

So my question is can I install Ubuntu this way even though it isn't recognizing Windows? And am I missing something to get Ubuntu to detect Windows?

Best Answer

Installing Ubuntu on Different drive than Windows 10

GRUB will only boot Windows and Linux if they are installed in the same Legacy/UEFI mode

  • Determine Windows 10 boot mode. Type System Information in Windows Start panel. Under "BIOS Mode" it will say if Windows is Legacy or UEFI.

  • Boot a Ubuntu 20.04 Live USB in the same mode as Windows boot mode. A USB made with Rufus MBR partition scheme option will boot either way. If Windows is UEFI use Rufus GPT scheme.

  • Install Ubuntu to it's own SSD using the "Something else" option.

  • if asked, create a 500MB EFI system partition on the Ubuntu SSD.

  • Select the Ubuntu SSD for bootloader installation.

  • Continue installation as directed.

  • When complete, set the Ubuntu SSD as first hard drive, run sudo update-grub to ensure all bootable drives are on the boot menu.

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