Ubuntu – Dual Booting Ubuntu 16.04 with Windows 10 – Ubuntu does not see the SSD

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I am trying to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 on my Yoga 900 laptop. I created an Ubuntu installation usb and can try Ubuntu just fine, but it does not appear to recognize my computer's SSD. The installer, gparted, disks, and fdisk -l all only list the usb as the only storage device. Here is what these programs look like

Also, if I try to hit change, +, or – on the installation windows the installer crashes. Does anyone know how I can get Ubuntu to recognize my SSD so that I can use it during the installation process? For reference, this is what my hard drive looks like in windows:

Edit: So after an uproar on Reddit, it turns out Lenovo has specifically confirmed that the 900 cannot run Linux. This is extremely disappointing for a laptop that costs so much.

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  • I experienced the same problem (on a Dell XPS 13). The issue for me was that the SATA bios setting was set to raid (which Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize?).

    The following link (second post/ first answer) explains how to change it to ahci:


    (edit: You can ignore the unplugging of the disk in the fifth step and the seventh step completly, those are not needed to changing to ahci)

    Just keep in mind to make some backups if you care about the data on your machine. Before finding the link above I did mess around a bit myself and got a few problems rebooting.

    Besides that, this worked on my machine so no idea how it will fare on yours. You probably want to be extra careful if you actually have multiple disks or raid setup or something like that.

    Hope this helps!

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