Ubuntu – Duplicate color printer as black and white printer


Using KDE (Kubuntu) it was very easy to get my new network printer running (it just appeared).

But as that printer is a color printer and I want to print only black and white most of the time (to save the costs for the quite expensive color toners) I want to duplicate that entry with different settings (force greyscale) and make that the default printer.
=> Then I could easily switch to a color print when I want to, but won't forget to usually print B/W.

But how can I do that?
The system settings don't allow to copy a printer.

Should I just copy the relevant file in /etc/cups/ppd/?

Edit 12.01.2020:
Digging deeper it seems my problem is that I want to duplicate an "IPP Everywhere" printer. It shows up very easy and prints fine. But I see currently no way to duplicate it's entry as then the selection of the PPD will cause me to go a different route. Even choosing the "Generic/IPP Everywhere" will result in a file at /etc/cups/ppd that does not have an entry of PCFileName: "ippeve.ppd" but one of PCFileName: "pwgrast.ppd" instead.
So far I have found no way to make a perfect duplication of the automatically generated entry.

Best Answer

You should be able to install the printer a second time, with the settings that you want. I have the same printer installed twice, each with a different name, one set as duplex, one set as single spaced. It makes it easier than to have to go into the preferences each time.