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I have a laptop (Dell – Inspiron 14 3000 Series) that came with Windows 10 installed. I want to install Ubuntu to the system, but there's a small (or maybe large) issue with that. The laptop storage drive is a 32GB eMMC Flash Drive. From what I can see, the BIOS/UEFI doesn't support booting from this device.

This absolutely baffles me, considering it boots up into Windows from that drive, yet there's no option to select it in the menu. Even more disconcerting is that when I install Ubuntu onto the drive, I turn on the machine and it instantly runs hardware recovery because it can't find a bootable OS.

Is there some way I'd need to install Ubuntu to the device for it to run properly? Steps I'd need to take for the system to install and run from the eMMC drive? (Also, I know 32GB isn't a lot, but I can do a lot more with it in Ubuntu than I can with Windows 10 where it's likely to become so cluttered that I'd need to refresh the machine every three months.) Any help with this would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

(Other specs include Celeron N3050, 4GB DDR3, 768p 14" display.)

EDIT: SOLVED. Changing Secure Option ROM to access some weird file system? Apparently there's an onboard chip that has to reference the new OS. It's essentially encryption between the storage drive and the BIOS.

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  • I spent about an hour before finding a solution via trial and error. Thank you to all who assisted. I asked this question on two platforms, and my response is shared between them. This was the solution: "--In order for the system to recognized the installed OS, you must ensure the system is using UEFI boot mode as well as enabling Firmware TPM BEFORE installation. Secure boot MUST be off for installation and after installation. Legacy Option ROM should be disabled. After install, the system will recognize the OS and boot properly after the TPM check which will only occur at the very first bootup and never occur again." My Ubuntu Forums Post Explaining Installation

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