Ubuntu – Enable mobile broadband not working

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I'm using an EVDO usb Modem on 12.04. It works perfectly fine for few times. But now on wards when ever I try to connect it shows not enabled in status . I tried to enable it by ticking "Enable Mobile Broadband" but still it shows not enabled but that option gets a checked(tick) mark. And when ever I restart my system "Enable Mobile Broadband" option autamatically unchecked. Any help please

Best Answer

  • could be, that you are too quick or impatient ?

    mobile broadband needs sometimes more time to initialize the connection. it depends on reception of the technical devices in broadband.

    my huawei mobile broadband usb stick is sometimes not working too. but it is matter of reception (state of satellites - not state of Linux). - then it can last 5 minutes or more until it works.