Ubuntu – Enabling window switcher in Ubuntu Budgie 17.04


I have Ubuntu budgie 17.04 (budgie-desktop 10.2.9). While pressing Alt+Tab to switch between the windows, the windows are switched randomly and I am not able to select which window to shift.

This feature was available in Ubuntu 16.04 but not in Ubuntu-budgie-17.04.

enter image description here

How to resolve this?

Best Answer

Not literally an answer to your textual question, but an answer to what you refer to in the image:

Window Previews

In the meantime, Ubuntu Budgie got his own Window Previews (17.04 >):

enter image description here

Usage is simple: after adding the applet to the panel, simply

  • press Alt+Tab to get an overview of all windows (on current workspace), or
  • Super+Tab to get an overview of all windows of the currently active window's application.

Simply Tab will subsequently browse through the overview.


...is best done from Budgie Welcome > Install Software > Budgie Applets

enter image description here