Ubuntu – Enroll MOK password doesn’t match


I'm trying to install Virtualbox on my Ubuntu 18.04 but I encountered some problems because of Secure Boot. So I'm following this tutorial which seems a good solution.

But here is my problem : When I reboot and choose 'Enroll MOK' on the 'blue window', I enter my password, but it always fail…
I tried many times, and everytime I remove .priv and .der files to re-generate them with openssl command, but agains and again :

"The password doesn't match"

I'm pretty sure that I enter the same password when I generate files with mokutil command.

Am I missing something ?

Best Answer

  • After several attempts, I finally found a solution... The password cannot be longer than x characters, and I think is 5, according to this post.

    I find it strange, but I hope it can help someone !