Ubuntu – Error Removing Ubuntu + Grub and reverting back to using Windows MBR

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I Partitioned my hard disk back some time ago to install Ubuntu on it as I needed it for a college project. It became a bit of a pain when I finished my project when I had to select my OS each time I turned on my laptop and it often just automatically went in to Ubuntu.

While on windows in the disk management section I deleted the Ubuntu partition and then extended my windows one to fill the free space. When I turned on my laptop I was stuck at the grub rescue page we are all familiar with.

I've done much research and took note of various fixes.

As a result of me deleting the partition and extending into the free space, it is not an option to reinstall Ubuntu from a disk/USB and fix the booter this way. Also I do not have a copy of my windows installation disk so I cannot use this to rid myself of grub and revert back to using the Windows MBR!

So my question really is how do I get my laptop to use the Windows MBR again? Or does anyone know where I can obtain a free copy of a windows 7 installation to do a repair?

Kind regards, Sean

Best Answer

  • You can download a free 90 day trial version of Windows from Microsoft TechNet. Now create a bootable DVD / USB media and boot from it, on Install now screen select Repair your computer.
    Choose Command prompt and execute the following commands to install the Windows loader :

    bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    bootrec.exe /fixboot  
    bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd
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