Ubuntu – Error with dpkg debconf for every apt command


I don't know what happened before, but now I've got this kind of error in Ubuntu 14.04 on my notebook whenever I try to install any package/program though terminal or software center:

configuring tzdata
can't open /usr/share/debconf/confmodule
dpkg: error processing package tzdata(--configure):
post-installation returned error code 2

I checked this folder: /usr/share/debconf and found out that it contains nothing, that's why it cant be opened.
Used dir in terminal while in this folder, and it output nothing at all.

I tried reinstalling, deleting and checking this package, and even clearing cache of apt-get, but it didn't work nor fix the problem and raised the same error.

Best Answer

  • If the file confmodule is not in /usr/share/debconf/, than you have to reinstall the package debconf via

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall debconf