Ubuntu – Evince, mouse wheel does not change pages (page up/page down behaviour)


My mouse wheel behaves very well only within evince I have the following trouble. When switching into uncontinous view mode, I cannot switch to previous page (mouse up) nor to next page (mouse down). I use ubuntu 11.10 with evince 3.2.1-0ubuntu2 from offical repos.

I though this was not implemented, now the funny thing is, on my laptop also running 11.10 this works! So where should I look in order to restore desired behaviour?

Best Answer

I think I was a bit heedless, it works when I disable continuous mode and viewing with "best-fit" zoom level. (It works only within the best-fit mode, when switching to 50% or something similar it does not work).

To change modes click the box displaying the zoom percentage.