Ubuntu – Failed to get GUI / graphics Ubuntu 20.04 (Nvidia 2080Ti)


I got a brand new computer with a Nvidia2080Ti. I am trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 (no other OS on the system). Install seems to work fine (I used safe graphics mode). But after rebooting (and removing USB stick), got a messed-up screen locked on Live-Patch. Can't do anything…. The only clue / message I got is something including "SEV: failed to get status. Error: 0x0" (2 lines).

For now, I am only trying to get ubuntu 20.04 running in graphical mode.

Any help really welcomed (I googled around but I was surprised to not find a direction to look into).


Best Answer

  • How comes you think that it's graphic card related?

    I think you need to update the motherboard first.

    I would do:

    • Check if installation USB is not corrupted
    • Reinstall again.
    • Same Problem? -> Update/Downgrade Motherboard.
    • Reinstall again.

    I think it's because you PC is new and you obviously didn't update motherboard. :-)