Ubuntu – Finding the printer’s IP address


I've installed a new printer on the server and on CUPS, I checked the 'Share printers connected to this system', but not 'Allow printing from the Internet'.

The client finds the printer and configures it with a


But the printer is Idle – "The printer is not responding."

I've read that to install the (any) printer correctly the IP address is needed.

Anybody has any idea how to obtain the IP address of a printer? My printer is not listed in HPLIP (yet).

Edit For ipp to work, do I have to set 'Allow printing from the Internet' on the server?
Also, Is it possible to allow only a specific client per IP or MAC?

Solved So easy. I forgot to check the 'Show printers shared by other systems' on the client machine. I choose the printer I was looking for and bingo! No need for the IP after all.

Best Answer

  • ip address of the printer is going to be the same as the server it is connected to.


    If it is a network printer, not connected to another computer, but directly to your LAN, either it will display on the printer menu (menus vary by printer/model) or you can get the ip address from your router.

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