Ubuntu – Firefox 37.0.2 not opening (removing firefox did not help) runing ubuntu 14.04 LTS


Opening firefox through the desktop icon will show the loading cursor, but a few seconds later it will stop loading and never open a firefox window. It is possible to load firefox from the terminal, but only in safe mode. I get the following error when attempting to load in terminal:

(process:26701): GLib-CRITICAL **:g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size== 0' failed

I have found several pages suggesting the following will fix this problem:

chown -hR YOUR_USER .gnome2/

chown -hR YOUR_USER .gnome2_private/

however, this did not help, I got the following error:

chown: cannot access '.gnome2/': No such file or directory

chown: cannot access '.gnome2/private': No such file or directory

Any suggestions? I have removed firefox and re-installed in terminal, but the same error still occurs.

Best Answer

  • Most likely:

    In far most cases, if an application still does not work after a (complete) reinstall, its local settings files or profile(s) are corrupted for some reason.

    In this case, the firefox local files are in ~/.mozilla

    What to do:

    You should either remove the directory ~/.mozilla or, if it contains valuable settings, first try to rename it. Then (best before running Firefox again), log out and back in.

    .desktop files

    Another option, although not very likely in this case, is an outdated or otherwise incorrect local .desktop file in ~/usr/share/applications. This can especially be the case if an application is updated to a newer version.