Ubuntu – Firefox becomes default browser after upgrade. Cannot revert to Google Chrome


Upgraded my notebook to Natty Beta 1 two days ago. All seems to be in order except for a very annoying little thing. I used to have Google Chrome as my default browser, and after the upgrade, this default was changed to Firefox. Note that when I go to the Google Chrome settings and to the Firefox setting it seems that Google Chrome is set as my default browser, but whenever I click on a URL from outside a browser it's Firefox that comes up and not Chrome.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Best Answer

  • Turns out that there is this little application called "Preferred Applications" and you can set your default browser there. I figured this out, 2 minutes after posting my question. Well, three things are a mystery to me:

    1. Why was my default changed?
    2. How is a "new" user supposed to know about this "Preferred Applications" utility? This utility is not in the launcher, and I only recalled it by sheer luck.
    3. Why are the settings within Firefox and within Google Chrome not working?