Ubuntu – Firefox hang for 4 or 5 second when loading


I am using Firefox 15 in ubuntu 12.04 but it hangs for 4 or 5 second the browser became dark when loading anything.

Best Answer

  • Restart Firefox without Add-on 1. Go to Help Menu of Firefox 2. Then select Restart with Add-On Disabled

    After the Firefox restart check whether it still hangs or not. If it doesn't hang then restart normally

    Then follows the steps :-

    1. Then go to Tools menu
    2. Then select Add-Ons
    3. Then select Extensions
    4. Then Disable Add-Ons by click the disable button on the right side one by one but don't forget to restart the firefox after disabling each time and check if it still hangs
    5. If you find the problematic Add-Ons then enable all other add-ons except the problematic one.
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