Ubuntu – Font rendering in Firefox is blurry


A picture is worth a thousand words… so does anyone know how to fix this font blurriness in Firefox?

(You'll need to right-click the picture below go to View Image to view it full-size; it's too small to see anything here.)


Note: My other applications (and the Firefox non-client area, as you can see in the screen) are completely fine, so obviously going to System->Appearance and changing the font settings isn't fixing the situation.


Not letting web pages to use their own fonts also doesn't help:


See how the upper one is still sharper?

Also, Firefox's own menu bar doesn't render the same way as the page content (menu bar below, page content above). They're both Segoe UI:


Best Answer

All right, I found the solution:

It was all because I was using the Segoe UI Light font everywhere in the system, but Firefox was using Segoe UI Regular. By (hackishly) changing the font in About:Config, I managed to get it to look almost the way I wanted... but now, the font spacing is too low and things are squished together.

If anyone knows how to increase the spacing, that would be fantastic! :)