Ubuntu – Force GNOME Night Light to stay on and never turn off


There's a manual option to set the times you want GNOME night light to be on and off. I want it always on.

The closest I can get is to set it to turn on at 00:00 and turn off at 23:59. But then at midnight it goes off for a minute which is annoying. Then I have to turn it back on through the settings. How do I force it "always on".

Best Answer

The "native" way for Gnome Shell to always keep your nightlight color on involves to access some hidden options in dconf-editor. dconf-editor is not installed by default on Ubuntu 18.04. You may need to install it first.

  • Open dconf-editor and navigate to the key /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/color/
  • Set night-light-schedule-automatic to false
  • Set night-light-schedule-from to 0, and night-light-schedule-to to 24 (or any value higher than this)

You can also adjust your color temperature there.

In Ubuntu versions later than 18.04, these settings are exposed in "Settings", under "Displays".