Ubuntu – Full install that went well, wont boot, not even from the usb stick. Really confused!


So I first installed it onto my usb stick. Then checked things out with it, and decided to do a full install (replacing windows 7) which went well. It says to restart, which I do. But when its booting back up, it gets stuck on a black screen with a tiny little bar in the top left corner. Ive tried getting it to boot several times now, like changing the boot order and trying it back with my usb stick, but they all end with the black screen.

Os recovery is not an obtion. My laptop is a HP Pavilion dm1.

Best Answer

  • The issue you have could be the one with Syslinux not booting on some systems. I had the same issue recently on a netbook, while never had it before anywhere else. While it booted and installed fine at first from the stick, it wouldn't boot neither from stick nor from the harddisk afterwards.

    What I did is to grab the newest Syslinux 4.05 from http://www.syslinux.org/wiki/index.php/The_Syslinux_Project and update the 4.04 on the stick with it, by using syslinux.exe like described on that page under Windows. Right after that, I could boot again from the stick and repair the installation.

    Maybe that helps in your case too.

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