Ubuntu – Gedit preference only available to superuser


I have an annoying issue with gedit on Ubuntu 18.04. Only under sudo gedit when I can see/change preferences. Appreciate any experience to a solution.
Tried all the methods I can find such as removing the accels file including re-install gedit, none resolved the problem.
This link is the closest to the problem, but I still do not know how to retain the settings for regular user. Appreciate any insight.

Best Answer

You can find the files and directories under $HOME that don't belong to you (to your $USER) with (note sudo - this needs to run as root):

sudo find $HOME \! -user $USER -print

If you want to change the owner back to you, you can (this will handle funny filenames, too):

sudo find $HOME \! -user $USER -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chown --verbose $(id -u):$(id -g)