Ubuntu – Gedit: Saving has been disable by system administrator


I have a problem with gedit. If I start writing a new file or edit an existing file the Save button and short cut to save is disabled. If I exit a modified document a dialog opens with the following text:

Changes to the document "<Name>" will be permanently lost. Saving has
been disabled by the system administrator.

The interesting part about this is that I can save the file from right clicking the document in the side panel.

I have tried removing gedit-related gconf from the terminal while logged out (rm -rf .gconf/apps/gedit-2/), but it doesn't work.

Best Answer

  • It seems to be a user wide setting in Gnome that Gnome applications can see, and if they want, obey.

    In Ubuntu-tweak:

    • Go to Tweaks > Michellaneous
    • Uncheck Disable save to disk

    Without Ubuntu-tweak:

    • Press ALT+F2
    • Enter gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-save-to-disk
    • Press Return/Enter
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