Ubuntu – Get the download link of file downloaded in Software Center


I am really asking a question which is many times tagged as [DUPLICATE] but I found no answer. I am downloading FLIGHTGEAR Game which is 1.0 GB with software Center. Unfortunately the power cuts off and download stops and the download speed there is also low. I restart download each time. It gets downloaded 700 MB then power cuts off and when i restart computer and starts download again, it initiates from 0 KB and this process goes on. Please show me the way to get its download link to be used in a download manager and get rid of the problem. Any type of help will be appreciated. Before marking it Duplicate please give a suitable link to get the answer there.

Best Answer

  • Software Center should normally resume previous downloads automatically as should apt-get.

    Alternatively you can tell apt-get to only show URIs of packages to download:

    apt-get install --print-uris PACKAGE_NAMES...

    shows the URIs and MD5 check sums of the named packages and all their missing dependencies.

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