Ubuntu – Getting the right ATI Drivers for 6370m


Just bought a Lenovo G570 with a Radeon 6370m video card. Tried both drivers recommended under "additional drivers".

The first driver failed.

Sorry, installation of this driver failed. Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log

The second driver installed, but when I restarted and went to log in again, my only options were ubuntu and ubuntu 2d. No unity. There were no panels or anything, just a menu that looks like this:

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So… I opened firefox and went to ATI's page to get their latest supported driver for my card. I uninstalled the old driver, restarted and ran the installation script.

sudo chmod +x ati-some-really-long-driver-name.run

It said it was successful, but when I restarted – still, no unity, no application dock on the left hand side of the screen, no panels. Just the menu I described above.

What gives?

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