Ubuntu – Gnome shell inverted clock


Here is how the clock appears in my gnome shell:

gnome Clock

Even though I'm using the Arabic language, this is not how the clock should be displayed.

Previously, it worked well but now I don't know what happened.

Note: the clock still works well (currently: 9:33) but the only problem is that it appears inverted as you see in the picture above. Also, the date is correct and written in the correct format.

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, gnome shell version 3.10.4.
According to the settings, Ubuntu identifies the Arabic language (Lebanon) correctly:


Best Answer

  • This looks like a bug. If I enable seconds to be displayed with the hours and minutes using Tweak Tool, the hours and minutes are correct, but the seconds are now placed on the left (using 20:45:18 - H:M:S).

    Screen shot of clock taken at 20:45:18

    I would definitely file a bug report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+filebug

    Since this is trivial to reproduce, I will triage it for you so a developer who knows a bit more about this can take a look.

    There was one similar, but unrelated bug report I found upstream: Bug 743821 - change in the places of time slots on Arabic desktop.

    Best guess at this point is that the time is being split by the colon, and the last piece is moved to the beginning and in your case, the minutes are moved to the beginning:

    1 -> 20

    2 -> 45

    3 -> 18


    1 -> 18 (3)

    2 -> 20 (1)

    3 -> 45 (2)

    And the really interesting thing is, the lock screen does not have this problem.

    Lock screen awesomeness