Ubuntu – Google Chrome Black Screen in Xubuntu 14.04


I have an issue with the latest update of Google Chrome on my Xubuntu 14.04.

When I open a browser, it's webpage region is completely black, only toolbars are visible. When I try to resize or move browser's window it jumps to the bottom right corner of the screen and I can't get it out of there.

The screenshot:

Google Chrome window with black region

I've tried to re-install it, but it didn't help.

How do I fix it?


I've installed the latest version of chromium-browser just to see how it will perform.

There is no black screen in it, but I still have the problem of moving/resizing it's window.

Best Answer

  • Try disabling GPU compositing on all pages from the setting available on chrome://flags/ and see if it works. Hope this helps!