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When Google Chrome opens, it displays a message that says that it "did not shut down properly". This happens everytime I open it, after booting the computer or just after closing the browser with the X. There is a button that offers me to open the recent tabs, but the button does not work and Chrome does not find anything, I end up on a blank page.

In order to solve my problems, I tried to turn off my extensions and that kind of things, but I found out that it does not work. Plus, the changes are not saved in Chrome apparently, I suggest that it is because it does not close properly.

I would like to solve this problem without removing and re-installing Chrome because I have a lot of stuff saved in my bookmarks and the configuration of my address bar*. The problem started out of the blue, not after any update or anything. I want it to be solved because I need to have access to my recently closed tabs when the browser opens.

I tried to update with the current stable version of Chrome but it did not change anything.

*Edit: my Address bar has search engines configured (maps, language translation, wikipedia…)

Best Answer

  • One of the possibilities is that your browser's profile has been corrupted. Without doing anything that could cause you to lose data, you could try making a new profile as described here: Create a new browser user profile in the section on Linux.

    But, in short (although you should read the link above completely),

    • Make sure that Chrome is not running at all.
    • Rename ~/.config/google-chrome/Default to ~/.config/google-chrome/Default.bak.
    • Start Chrome. See if your problem is fixed.

    Note that .config is a hidden folder. You'll need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders in your File Manager. Of course, if you use the command line, you could run something like:

    mv ~/.config/google-chrome/Default ~/.config/google-chrome/Default.bak

    If your problem is fixed, gradually copy over only files that you absolutely need (because some of them may be responsible for your problem in the first place) from Default.bak to the new Default folder that Chrome automatically creates.

    Further, since you need your bookmarks, they are stored as a simple text file called Bookmarks in the Default folder so copying them over from Default.bak to the new Default should probably not break anything and give you back your bookmarks. Again, it's better to do this when Chrome is not running at all.

    As for "configuration of my address bar", I don't know what that means. Perhaps you may want to edit your question to explain that aspect.

    Edit: if you don't want to go the "new profile" route and if you have another Google account, you may try adding a new user. That option is available in chrome://settings. Do take look at the options which include importing stuff from another profile!

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