Ubuntu – Graphic Card GeForce GT 630 installation on 64bit Ubuntu 15.04


I am using 64bit ubuntu 15.04 and in the hardwared; NVIDIA GeForce GT630 graphic card is attached. I have downloaded driver for this graphic card from the website given in the official website as shown in Fig.NVIDIA-GeForce GT630-website-screen shot, I have followed every method mentioned in different sites such as

  1. press Ctrl+alt+F1
  2. Type in, sudo service lightdm stop and then
  3. to run as root ls -i
  4. sh. graphic-driver.run
  5. sudo service lightdm start

I have crashed my Linux 15.04 3 times in this way and now I am unable to even re-install it which is a separate story. Please, help.

Best Answer

  • There is an easier way of installing the latest Nvidia Drivers on ubuntu.

    • Open terminal Ctrl+alt+T
    • Remove all previous installations of Nvidia with :

      sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*

    • Update the repositories :

      sudo apt-get update

    • Install the Driver:

      sudo apt-get install nvidia-352

    • Finally Reboot :

      sudo reboot

    Installed :)

    NOTE: Your latest driver number may not be 352 Please make sure the latest available version of the Driver for your card On Nvidia (352.66 =>352)

    Update: I removed the PPA from the answer because it is not necessary to add it when installing 352.

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