Ubuntu – Graphical glitch in background of windows after update to 17.04


  • I did update from 16.10 to 17.04.

  • I am using latest radeon driver from ubuntu repository with reference AMD R9 290

  • No errors in dmesg, /var/log/Xorg.* and applications do not write any error messages in terminal.

  • Glitch appears always but only in some applications or it's parts for example in bugged gedit (app is working but instead white background there is a copy of what was behind window, right side was created by resizing).

  • I tried to install amdgpu 17.10, 16.40 driver -> did not work, I was not even able to login

  • I tried to use gdm3 instead lightdm -> not affecting bug

  • I also tied to install gnome-shell and run gnome with metacity/compiz -> not affecting bug

  • I tried to run gnome on wayland but everything was scaled ~10x and cursor was not visible so I was not able to actually see anything.

Does anyone met this bug?
Or does anyone know where to look for errors or what to try?

Best Answer

I'll give you a fix for the gedit problem, and maybe it'll also fix your other glitches.

Remove the .xinputrc in your home directory. Log out and then log back in and retest gedit. Then retest your other things.

In the terminal:

rm -i ~/.xinputrc # to delete this file with a confirmation prompt
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