Ubuntu – GRUB is extremely slow – 1 second per key input


I am having trouble with booting my new PC (graphics card), and have to repeatedly change stuff in Grub.

However, GRUB is really really slow. It takes 1 second for each key. And I cannot even queue my input, I literally have to wait 1 second until I can type the next key.
This will slow down my whole night by hours.

Is this what Grub should behave like? I am reading things which require to edit grub settings – however, I don't have a running OS at the moment and editing something from GRUB takes N seconds, with N being the number of keystrokes to perform for the change.

Is there a solution? I am trying to install Ubuntu 19.10 by the way.

It may be noteworthy that I have a 4K display. When Grub enters initially, I can see the borders being drawn over the screen, which takes like 1 second. Is that the delay I am seeing for every change?

Best Answer

Grub seems to have problems with high resolutions on certain systems. Setting grub to use a lower resolution fixed the input lag for me.

To do that edit the grub config file: /etc/default/grub

Look for the line GRUB_GFXMODE and change it to a suitable lower resolution for you system. E.g. in my case:


Finally run update-grub as root to write the config changes.

Note: the resolution you choose must be supported on your system. To check them boot into grub, hit 'c' to get to the grub command line and type videoinfo to list the supported modes.

Ideally change the GFXmode as above so that it includes fallback resolutions if something goes wrong and add 'auto' (the default) at the end of the list. E.g. something like my_preferred_resolution,low_fallback_resolution,auto where each resolution is width x height [x depth]

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