Ubuntu – Help with file transfer from windows to ubuntu


I have looked long and hard for this, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I want to edit videos on my Linux computer because of how much better the software is for editing. I record videos on my Windows computer which are mostly tutorial videos using an Elgato capture card these files are very big.

The question is: How can I set up a wireless file transfer from Windows to Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • Share the files from your windows computer by right clicking on the folder that contains them, and picking "Sharing". Give it some basic level of access.

    1. Press Windows Key+R and type cmd, then click ok.
    2. type ipconfig and get the IP address of your wireless adapter.
    3. From your Ubuntu machine, open a new file window and click (from the menu bar) GO --> Enter Location
    4. type smb://[ip address here]
    5. If you're prompted for credentials, enter either your windows credentials or the ones you set up when you shared the folder.
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