Ubuntu – High-level library for Unity Dash


I've wanted to write a GTK+ version of Unity Dash for some time. I think it could be useful for Xfce, Gnome Flashback, elementaryOS, etc.

Before I start doing anything about it, I'd like to know if there are any high-level libraries to search Scopes, use filters, etc. A GIR-lib would be very nice.

Does anything like this exist, or am I going to have to do all the dbus stuff myself?

Best Answer

Gambas3 has an option to install UnitySC which lets you fill out a form and create items which will appear in Unity Dash. The unity plugin, doesnt create an application interface, but you can do that with gambas. Instead, you run UnitySC and fill the form accordingly, to get a link to the item in dash, and Icons, comments, etc. enter image description here

So, when I compiled Gambas3, It did not make an Icon for gambas3 in the Dasah menu. Ah, but I can fix that right now! here using the UnitySC tool, I added gambas3 to the dash menu, and to the unity bar, with the Icon I screen captured from the gambas website.

Gambas  in dash

Gambas in unity bar