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Installed Ubuntu 18.04 . When I turn on Hotspot ,it's open as normal.but when I search for this Hotspot in my mobile , I am not able to see it or connect it. I have tried various methods , created new Hotspot connection, but Hotspot is invisible when I look in my mobile. When I use a live usb and turn the Hotspot on , it shows in my mobile ,and I was able to connect but in the installed os no hotspot

Best Answer

  • Option 1: Edit the hotspot configuration file.

    This is done by going to the System menu and selecting: Wi-Fi Off > Turn On
    Next, select Wi-Fi Settings
    In the Wi-Fi Settings window, click on the Gnome menu icon from the window upper right-hand side corner, and select Turn On Wi-Fi Hotspot:

    Option 2: NM Connection Editor.

    You can start it by pressing Alt + F2
    And type: nm-connection-editor

    And then restart the service sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

    How To Create A Wi-Fi Hotspot In Ubuntu 18.04 / Gnome (And Edit Its Settings)

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