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Is it possible for me to automate a Git push every hour via a batch script.

I would typically type in this:

git add *
git commit -m "latest update"
git push https://username:password@github.com/username/repository.git master

How can I automate this?

Best Answer

Yep, you can do this with cron. To add a task to cron, you need to run

crontab -e

The syntax should be specified in a comment on the last line, but I'll explain it anyway:

m h dom mon dow command In order: these are the minute, hour, date-of-month, month, day-of-week, and the command to run at this time.

So, to run it every hour, you would want:

0 * * * * /home/username/bin/git-backup-script.sh

Which means to run the script on the 0th minute of every hour of every day etc.

Where /home/username/bin/git-backup-script.sh is a shell script that does everything that you mentioned (though don't forget to cd to the relevant directory in it!)

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