Ubuntu – How can we run amd64 architecture on a raspberry pi 4


We are trying to install jevois-inventor onto the ubuntu18.04 but we flashed the ubuntu18.04 onto a raspberry pi 4 which is an arm64 architecture(we think). We tried to install amd64 packages individually on ubuntu terminal, but we can not install build-essential, gcc, etc packages for amd64.(We are new to Ubuntu and raspberry pi)

Best Answer

You can't.

It's a completely different CPU, and there's no way you will be able to run stuff built for AMD64 on an ARM CPU.

The solution is, of course, to install packages for the correct architecture. Ubuntu (and Debian) handles multiple architectures just fine, by defining architecture in packages.

All of the toolchain (e.g. GNU GCC, assembler and so forth) is available for ARM, so it should be no problem to install the correct version.