Ubuntu – How do Ubuntu LibreOffice builds differ from vanilla LibreOffice builds


I've got a question about LibreOffice that's been bugging me since OpenOffice:

The versions of LO that come on the Ubuntu disc or from the PPA always have nice font rendering, but whenever I download and install the debs from the LO website, the font rendering in those versions looks terrible.

I know the Ubuntu builds include various patches and tweaks that aren't in the vanilla debs, but could anyone help educate me about exactly how the Ubuntu builds of LO differ from the vanilla debs of LO, and if there is an easy way to apply those changes to the vanilla debs so I don't have to wait so long for the PPA to update with the new version?

Best Answer

You can see how the distro builds are done by using the:

apt-get source libreoffice

command. That said, up to LibreOffice3.4/Oneiric both Debian and Ubuntu used the go-oo build system, which is scary for the uninitiated (and perhaps even more so for the initiated). Since LibreOffice-3.5, we (Debian/Ubuntu) are using the native build system of LibreOffice and have most of our patches upstreamed, while keeping only a smaller set of truely vendor-specific patches in our packaging. This should also make the packaging much more transparent for everyone. Ongoing work of Debian and Ubuntus packaging can be followed at:


Active development for Precise is in the branch ubuntu-precise-3.5.