Ubuntu – How do we install Java in Wine


I have a Windows file.exe and I need Wine and Java to open it. I don't know how to install Java in Wine. When I try to open Java setup it says

Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 32: Sharing Violation. 

And it also say

Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 123: Invalid name. Please Help.

Best Answer

  • I've discovered the problem and have found the solution (See Below).

    The Problem

    A Windows directory needs to exist:


    On your box, you have the following directory structure, most likely:


    *Where USERNAME is your actual user name

    The Solution:

    1. Make the subdirectories

      (Point and Click Method)

      Open Home Folder
      Open .wine
      Open drive_c
      Open users
      Create Folder appdata
      Open appdata
      Create Folder LocalLow
      Open LocalLow
      Create Folder Sun


      cd /home/`whoami`/.wine/drive_c/users/`whoami`/
      mkdir -p appdata/LocalLow/Sun

      *NOTE: appdata/LocalLow/Sun IS case sensitive, so type it exactly as is shown

    2. Double click on the JRE executable (I used 32 bit, but I believe 64 bit works too. Be sure to check winehq's website and your version of Ubuntu to be sure)

    3. Install away :)


    As there are some programs that are Windows specific, and only partially use Java, I found that I still needed a solution to this problem. Therefore, I have provided the aforementioned procedure to solve the problem.


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