Ubuntu – How do you create a PDF from multiple images? Now with more grid problems


So I have a ton of 825×1125 images ( (>300, in png format but I can make jpegs). I need to create a printable PDF with them (to print playing card prototypes). They have to be in a 3×3 grid pattern in the Letter format (they're meant for 300dpi).

I'm pretty sure I can batch resize them beforehand if it helps.

I'm guessing you can do this with convert or something but for the life of me I can't figure it out.


Best Answer

  • If you know a bit of LaTeX, I would use pdflatex for this --- it's quite easy to script.

    The trick is generating a file with this header:


    and then for each line of photos


    --- these are three images on a line, separated by a bit of space; and after three lines you put a


    and at the end of the file a


    You can generate the file with the language you want; save it in a file called whatever.tex and then process it with

     pdflatex whatever

    With more LaTeX you can easily add captions, titles, frames or whatever you want. I understand it's a bit of steep curve to learn, but it's quite useful.